NHL: Ottawa Senators at Buffalo Sabres

@SabresStats Countdown to Hockey Recap

“Is it October yet?” That’s a popular refrain around my household this time of year.  The withdrawal of a summer without hockey is kicking in more and more as the pain of last season becomes more of a distant memory.  The hope of a new day is at the forefront for Sabres fans and that hope, […]


@2ITB_Buffalo: Q&A about Brendan Lemieux with @VeryBarrieColts

Buffalo’s selection of Sam Reinhart brought the expected media crush upon the club. Buffalo hadn’t picked as high as second overall since they drafted Pierre Turgeon first overall in 1987. However, it was Tim Murray’s first selection on day two of the draft that has been garnering quite a bit of attention.


Q&A about Sam Reinhart with a Kootenay Ice reporter

Not since Pierre Turgeon in 1987 had the Sabres selected this high in the NHL Draft. Sam Reinhart is going to be the future as he is currently the biggest log on the Sabres fire to get back into contending. I’d think it would behoove me to find out what we got with Reinart. So, […]


My take on Christian Ehrhoff getting bought out

At times, folks like myself have scoffed at the greed of professional sports. I’ve always wondered what the sports world would be like if contracts weren’t made public. If we didn’t know the money and terms, we couldn’t put a number value on players and we couldn’t complain that money was their main motivation. Imagine […]


@2ITB_Buffalo: Who poses a threat to Mission McDavid in 2015?

With the 2014 NHL Draft just a few days away, the Sabres will be making the second highest selection in franchise history that should serve as a major piece of their current rebuild. While the Sabres’ 30th place finish this year ensured them a top-two selection at the draft, the real prize sits atop the […]


My hot takes on the Sabres and the draft

Detached. That’s the best way I can describe how I feel about the Sabres right about now. This losing out for top picks has been such a major kick in the nuts because the hockey has been so bad.  I just can’t get into Baby Sabres or the “What if?” game of whether this or […]


Sticking up for Thomas Vanek and skilled players

Hypocrites! Hypocrites, all of you! Sabres fans are coming out of the woodwork to stand up for Thomas Vanek now that he’s a member of that hallowed club known as the “Sabres alumni”. When he was actually on the team, it was a different story.

Joe’s mailbag: 1.0

Greetings people of Earth. I'm Joe and I'm just trying to make this mailbag a thing on the site. I'm doing it every other week and pretty much will take on any question. This week I talk Bills free agency, Walking Dead, NFL Draft, Sabres in FA, Rocky dream match and the meaning of life. […]


Tanking should not be allowed!!

Remember last year when the importance of faceoffs or how we should cheer at the F'N Center was the rage on Twitter? Ah, how those were the days. Those have been replaced by the never-ending topics on tanking. It is a topic that has just been hanging around for months and just when you think […]


Q&A about Chris Stewart

@FrozenNotes. CO: This was a trade that most fans in Buffalo understood was coming. So while the shock value was somewhat decreased, it’s still tough to see the face of your franchise moved along with the current captain. What was the reaction like in St. Louis when it became clear that Miller and Ott would […]