Joe’s mailbag: 1.0

Greetings people of Earth. I'm Joe and I'm just trying to make this mailbag a thing on the site. I'm doing it every other week and pretty much will take on any question. This week I talk Bills free agency, Walking Dead, NFL Draft, Sabres in FA, Rocky dream match and the meaning of life. […]


Tanking should not be allowed!!

Remember last year when the importance of faceoffs or how we should cheer at the F'N Center was the rage on Twitter? Ah, how those were the days. Those have been replaced by the never-ending topics on tanking. It is a topic that has just been hanging around for months and just when you think […]


Q&A about Chris Stewart

@FrozenNotes. CO: This was a trade that most fans in Buffalo understood was coming. So while the shock value was somewhat decreased, it’s still tough to see the face of your franchise moved along with the current captain. What was the reaction like in St. Louis when it became clear that Miller and Ott would […]


If I were the Bills GM for the 2014 season

For whatever reason, I've been wanting to continue my Bills GM column that I've done over the last few years, but I'm feeling pretty lethargic about writing it. However, I'm going to try and get this done although my heart isn't exactly in it. The reason being is that this series takes awhile. It is […]

Vogl Tweet 2

Second Take with @BradleyGelber – What To Do With Ted Nolan

What a boring weekend in the world of Buffalo Sabres hockey… Ha. Ha. Ha. But on a serious note… WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?!? Is Miller really gone?! Is Ott really gone?! Is LaFontaine really gone?! Is John Scott still really here?! Unfortunately (especially in regards to the last question) the answer to all of those […]


Everyone is to blame for this mess

Outside of just winning, hope has always been 2nd to me as far as keeping my sanity as a fan. You want something to latch onto. Mario Williams, Terry Pegula, EJ Manuel, the waterfront..There's just tons of brass rings we have all tried to grab onto. But at the end of the day it is […]


My ode to Ryan Miller

I have to admit, my mind has been a bit all over the place this week. I've had a week from hell and haven't exactly been thrilled with looking in the mirror lately.  I'm just a moody person who has good weeks and some bad weeks and this week definitely falls into the latter.  I'm […]


The last straw on Ted Nolan

Back when Tim Murray was first hired, Jerry Sullivan wrote a column about it. Something that he said bothered me and while I have a problem with the particulars, it also represents something that drives me crazy about discussions about sports in general. First take a look at the column I'm talking about: "Murray also […]