Thank You!


I had this acceptance speech written for a while but I made a few tweeks. I think it will work. #LazyGM

First and foremost, I’d like to say I never actually thought I’d win the Stanley Cup, GM of the Year, Artvoice Best Twitter Feed Award.  So many people have helped us me along the way in the organization on Twitter I feel I should acknowledge some of them.








@LeopoldsIpod (no extension I’ll think about it)


Special thanks @LindyRuffsTie

And so many more…

I’d like to give a special thanks to Tom Golisano and Larry Quinn Terry Pegula and Ted Black for keeping the restraints, allowing me to not let money get in the way, giving me money to watch the hockey to live Tweet, among other responsibilities.

I’d like to thank Joe (@JoeBuffaloWins) for badgering me and Matty Stewart (@matthew1stewart) for putting him in his place.

I’d like to thank Mike Harrington (@BNHarrington) for all his support taking so many bullets intended for me from the fans.

I’d like to thank guys like Bernier, Moore, Corkum, Torres, Milan Bartovic, Michael Zigomanis, Steve Reinprecht, Jeff Jillson, for your contributions to the championship, backlash, for being held against me by the Basement Brigade.

I need to thank Chris Drury and Danny Briere for making me look like a genius the most hated man in Buffalo.

Seriously, thank you all who voted for the feed. We have created quite the nice little Twitter community in Buffalo. Go Sabres.