Why can’t I just hate you? WHY?!

What the hell have I gotten myself into? Write a post that the Sabres should lose out?! It is like waking up after a terrible drunken one night stand and thinking to yourself, did I really write that?

OK, maybe I’ll regret writing this post as well. It will probably come off as homerish, settling for less and being positive, or in other words, Jeremy White.

I’m also at a point where I haven’t written anything remotely positive in months about any of our teams from Buffalo. So, I’m due and really need to like something. 

I don’t know. I’m between a rock and a hard place with this team.  At many moments, I want them destroyed, gutted and thrown into the abyss of Lake Erie and then the next second, I’m like, “Maybe those injuries really are a factor?” Yes, these games have been unique because they have shown the Sabres weaknesses (See: first two periods against Dallas and the Islanders) and showed their strengths (Boston game and last night’s 3rd period), but the come from behind games are ones you can put on your team highlight reel and winning can make you rethink your posture. The damn bunch are too stupid to quit so we can get rid of the King and Emperor (Ruff and Regier).

I’m not sure what the deal is, but I think I was just so angry and over this team during January, that it was impossible for me to hear the excuses. Look, as individuals, this team isn’t the most likable bunch, but when they pull games like these out of their asses, they are fun to watch. Winning cures all, right? (Editor’s note: Yes, and also handsome coaches behind the bench. -HB)

A part of me wonders if blogging has made me develop this Slim Shady persona (see: Eminem’s bio or how everyone says Sully is this great guy, which I’m sure he is) and I just become a blowhard. But then I remember I’ve always been a worst-case scenario person when it comes to Buffalo sports and life. The other part wonders if just being a fan of an athlete/team in today’s day is such a black and white issue. You are either great or putrid. There’s no middle ground. For crap sake’s, some in Boston are questioning Tom Brady’s legacy after he’s led his team to five title games in 10 years. Who the hell cares if Gronkowski partied like Vanilla Ice after the Super Bowl! Who is the best QB of all-time? WHO THE HELL CARES!? We just had the HOF election and no one wants to talk about who got in. Instead, all the talk is about who didn’t get in and how we need to destroy the world over it.

Maybe fans just need something to bitch about (Matthew Stewart’s take).


I don’t know, but I think back to Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial. I think about the middle of it when he talked about how people were angry and just blaming everyone.

“It seems like we lost our heart at times. The fog, the division, discord and blame, made it hard to see what lies ahead.”


Maybe Clint was talking about how the fans reacted to the Sabres injuries instead of the economy and cars. They did have some guy named after a Wookiee centering the #1 line. Great, see what a winning streak does? They make you sound like them. I give up. Wait! I still think they should fire Darcy. OK, I’m back. Phew.

Anyway, I’m here to say that the last two weeks have been fun. Do I think this team will make the playoffs? I don’t think so. I think they are better than the Jets/Leafs if they are healthy, but the hole they have dug for themselves is just really big. Even if they get in, I don’t think they can beat out the top seed after going two months hard at every game being a playoff. They need help and they need to get rid of some this dead weight that has been sitting at the butcher’s shop for years.

However, they are back to being entertaining…For now. Winning does that.  (Editor’s note: Also, visible Teppo. -HB)

I’m going to give them a puncher’s chance. We deserve to put ourselves in a happy place. Maybe I should wait until the end of the season before I throw them off the Katebits cliff or into the Lake Erie abyss. I think I need to be more zen with this team when they give us something that is remotely positive. Of course, I’m moody, full of crap sometimes and I run this site, so I can change my mind…and so can you.

Sabres, it is halftime in your season – all right, it’s not, but go with the Clint theme – and you have come back when the odds were against you before (see: last season). You are healthy. There are no excuses right now.  Everyone knows that all Buffalonians want is an honest effort. I’ll even channel some happiness/Christmas carols towards you like New Yorkers did with the slime covered Statue of Liberty in Ghostbusters II.

In the meantime, because my words will never be as good as his, I’ll let Clint take us out with the greatest commercial since Larry Bird bet Michael Jordan french fries during a game of horse. I think the Sabres can learn something from this and maybe I can, too…but I won’t.


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