Staff predictions: BUF Vs OAK by @mmigliore @BLeez17 @ScottyMCSS and a cast of 1000s

Joe @buffalowins (8-6)- The Bills haven’t won in California since 2004 when they beat the 49ers in week 16 (0-4 since). Interesting enough, both games are pretty much mirror images. The Bills were 8-6 in 2004 and trying to jump over a bunch of playoff teams while playing the worst team in football. The Bills smacked […]


Behind Enemy lines: Oakland Raiders with @LeviDamien from @silverandblackp

  Big game this week for the Bills. They haven’t won in Oakland since the 60s and I’m willing to bet this is probably the worst Oakland team they have played. To dish the 411 on Oakland, we have Levi Damien from Silver and Black Pride. Enjoy and tell a friend. 1) If you are […]


How Doug Marrone’s anger may be a good thing

So my boss, who happens to be a Jets fan, came up to me at work today and was like “YOU GUYS ARE STILL IN THE HUNT!!!” His tone was so optimistic and excited that you would have thought he was a die-hard Bills fan. I hate to say it, but I kind of shrugged […]

Green Bay Packers vs Buffalo Bills - September 10, 2000

One Fan(n)’s Opinion @RDotDeuce: My Kingdom for a QB (Part III) – Find A Guy!

Welcome to part III of my look at the QB position and how the Bills can (should?) go about trying to get stability out of the position. Take a look at the photo above. That’s what Mike Holmgren and GM Ron Wolf were working with when the Packers traded the 17th pick overall (that they […]


 Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Our Playoffs

After just getting home from the Packers game, I took off my ten layers of clothes & opened up my laptop to try and get down some coherent thoughts about what just happened. With everything still racing through my mind, it feels sort of like some dream that isn’t quite real. Did the Bills really […]


My recap: Bills beat the Packers, 21-13

Oh. My. God. What a fricken game. That was ugly, sloppy, and glorious. For the entire game, I pretty much expected the Bills were somehow going to blow it. I mean, its Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers colliding with the epitome of #becauseitsbuffalo. I kept thinking it was going to be Bills/Cowboys: The […]


. @mmigliore: Is this it for Doug Marrone?

  You know, I want to like Doug Marrone. I really do. The guy seems genuine and even at times a bit engaging. He seems to have a sense of humor. His conversations on Fridays with the WGR guys last season were always interesting. More than anything, though, I want the guy to win here […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce : A Kingdom for a QB (Part I)

As we slowly crawl towards a date with the Green Bay Packers in Orchard Park, I figured I’d tackle the elephant in the room: Quarterback play currently and perhaps in the future for the Bills. To do this, I’m going to break it up into a few parts: This article, in which we look at […]


The other message of Mike Williams getting waived

Well…we all knew the shoe was going to eventually drop on Mike Williams. It has to really stink for a guy with Buffalo roots to go through a season like this. Everyone loves cheering for a hometown guy. Most professional athletes are groomed to be just that as kids. I’m sure the first team they […]


My recap: Bills lose to the Broncos, 24-17

Don’t let the stats fool you after this one. The Bills had over 400 yards in total offense and had 105 more yards than Denver. Kyle Orton had 355 yards passing, Sammy Watkins had over 100 yards receiving, and Manning struggled. Yet, when you actually sit down and watch the game, the fact remains clear: […]

Von Miller

Reliving Marcell Dareus Vs. Von Miller

“Oh, what might have been…” That’s the mindset some Bills fans live through nowadays. I’m completely guilty of it. You see it everywhere. Twitter, talk shows or online publications. After rookie WR Odell Beckham made an unbelievable 1-handed catch on Sunday night football, you didn’t have to be a shit stirrer to know that we […]