The irrational reality of the fan by @seancorleone

Sports fans are a different breed of citizen. In today’s world, especially in the United States, athletic competition is seen as a realm of utmost importance to the masses. The sports world not only dictates our daily schedules, but it also has the ability to shift moods and perceptions of those who observe. Those of […]


Behind Enemy Lines: New York Jets with @OneJetAtATime

You know the deal. We got the Jets next week and we have Brian Johnson from One Jet at a Time to dish the dirt on the Jets. I’ll also have a Q&A on their site as well, so, be sure to check it out.  Enjoy and tell a friend! 1) How do you feel […]


Saint Doug or Satan Doug?

Was it the screen pass to Frank Summers? The Chris Hogan fumble? Tits Dixon lined up at WR? The offensive line impersonating a subway turnstile? All of those moments ultimately led to  me cursing out the football Gods on Sunday. And the guy I really wanted to punch in the nuts was Doug Marrone. This […]


Kyle Orton…Captain Comeback?

Who would have thought that the outlook of this season would change because of Kyle Orton? Two months ago we had Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel battling it out for backup supremacy and Kyle Orton was just hanging out with his kids.  Orton is on his what, 2nd? 3rd? chance in the NFL? It’s amazing […]


My Recap: Bills beat the Vikings, 17-16

Before we get into whether or not the Bills are lucky to be at 4-3… or can make the playoffs… or are just terrible… let me just tell you how awesome Sammy Watkins is…My God. In 2019, we may sit there and say this game didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things with […]


The storytelling of Van Miller: Through the eyes and ears of @manecci

#56 almost bought a coat from Van Miller? What’s one word that describes Van Miller? I posed this question on the phone to Darryl Talley. After a long pause he says… “Ingenious” After another long pause… “Nuts.” Darryl Talley remembers Van Miller as one of guys. “He who would walk up and down the aisle of […]


Behind Enemy lines: Minnesota Vikings with @PJDiaries

Hailing from a blog that probably needs to change it’s branding, Purple Jesus Diaries is a consistently disillusioned Vikings fan that would be mildly surprised with a 9-7 season. In any season. You can usually find him cursing and publicly crying on his Twitter handle at @PJDiaries, or love-hating his favorite team over at […]


My Seven hot takes for your reading pleasure about the Bills

Giving up on the Bills vs. Pats If you guys read my predictions last week, you’ll know that I picked the Patriots over the Bills. 90% of my reasoning had to do with past angst against the Pats. Even if the X’s and O’s heading into this game favored the Bills in some regards, that […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce : The Unforgiving Minutes

If you can fill the unforgiving minute     With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,     And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! -Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF’ If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend the book “The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education” by Craig Mullaney. In it, he […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – I Don’t Care About The Patriots

This just in, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots own the Buffalo Bills and frankly, I don’t give a shit. Even after today’s frustrating, infuriating, annoying as all hell loss… nothing has changed. The Bills are still the young, up and coming team. New England is still on the decline and Tom Brady is […]