The Bills shouldn’t force the issue with finding a QB


When Ralph Wilson decided to grace his presence last week during an interview with the AP, one of the biggest quotes that stood out was how he wanted the team to draft a quarterback next year. Also, in the same breath, Wilson went on to say that it’s going to take three years for the Bills to turn it around, and because of that, I think it would behove the Bills to only take a quarterback who they see fit to become a franchise player. In other words: Don’t take a quarterback for the sake of taking a quarterback. I know that next year’s crop of quarterbacks are suppose to be stellar with Mallet, Locker and Luck. However, there is some discussion that Luck and Mallet may decide to return to school, which would only shrink next year’s quarterback class.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be this big quarterback guru when it comes to drafting. I’ve shared my displeasure on multiple occasions about my hatred towards the NFL draft. I know that the draft is the foundation for a franchise, but I can’t stand how it’s presented with such a “Now” approach with grading and so on. Point being, I have no clue if any of these guys are going to be any good and I can only put my faith in the hands of the scouting department of the Bills (Yikes). Frankly, I don’t know what to look for in a quarterback when I’m scouting college games…and neither do you!

Now, if the Bills don’t like Jack Locker and think he would be a reach if the team picked in the top 5, then pick the next best player. Frankly, the Bills are in the same position they were last April, when they had so many needs to fill that it didn’t matter who they picked, because they would still have holes on the roster. Even if they draft a quarterback first, they would still need to find a couple of tackles, some linebackers and a pass rusher. Oh, and a 2nd receiver wouldn’t hurt either. Plain and simple: The Bills need to draft the best player available.

Like Wilson said, the Bills are three years away from competing, so why do they have to rush to find a quarterback? Don’t get me wrong; I know the team’s biggest need is at quarterback, but I don’t want it to become a situation like it was in 2004, when the Bills panicked and traded up in the draft to select JP Losman and a number of experts thought it was a reach. I know fans want the next Jim Kelly to get on the field asap, even I do, but the Bills have to be smart in all this. They shouldn’t draft a quarterback out of necessity, but rather because he’s the best player available. Now, if all three quarterbacks are available and the Bills think that one of those players will become the franchise, then you draft your signal caller.

I just hope that Wilson doesn’t impose his will on wanting the team to draft a quarterback because he’s sick of looking at the bums who have thrown the ball for his team. That’s not smart football, and considering that he admitted it was his fault for the team’s futility over the years, you would hope that he would have learned his lesson.


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