Who wants to buy the Bills now?!

This has been a piece that I’ve been wanting to do since Ralph Wilson died. However, every time I put my words to a computer screen, I come away shaking my head wondering how stupid all of this is about to get and how everyday that passes, something stupider will occur leaving the piece dated.  […]

Neccis Mock Draft(1)

Don’t Mock Necci’s 2014 Mock Draft: 2.0

Here is my mock draft 2.0. After I did this mock draft, I looked through it and I realized two things: 1) No Derek Carr (who I love as a prospect) 2) No Teddy Bridgewater (who I also love) in the first round.

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Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Would You Take One And Done?

The passing or Ralph Wilson Jr. has caused us Bills fans to speculate even more than usual about the team’s future.  Slightly altering the famous words of The Clash “will they stay or will they go?” With Mary Wilson (Ralph’s late wife) taking over ownership of the team, much has been made about when/who the […]


Q&A about Mike Williams with @MattTidcombe from @ThePewterPlank

We are back! More Mike Williams stuff (In case you missed the other Q&A with PFF stats). Here’s Matt Tidcombe from The Pewter Plan to dish even more dirt on Mike Williams. Enjoy and retweet! 1) What are Mike Williams strengths and weaknesses when it comes to his on the field play?


Beyond the stats: Where does Thad rank among backup QBs?

Doug Whaley confirmed this past week that Thad Lewis will be the backup quarterback for the 2014 Bills. Lewis had his fair share of ups and downs in his five starts, but helped the Bills win two games against Miami. He showed great toughness in the loss to New Orleans, but could the Bills have […]


The case for DeSean Jackson

When the rumors came out about the Eagles looking to trade DeSean Jackson,  I was completely hooked. I wanted him. Hell, I tweeted out that I’d give up a 2nd round pick for him. Maybe it was a bit impulsive, but when you see 1400 yards on a WR’s resume, I’d hope you can forgive […]


The complicated legacy of Ralph Wilson

I have to admit, it is pretty hard for me to write something emotional about someone I never met. I’ve been lucky for most of my life (knock on wood). I have only been to a funeral for one person, my grandfather, who I only saw like once or twice a year. Obviously, death comes […]

Jake Matthews

5 reasons why the Bills will not take an OT with their first pick

I like to think I’m a pretty astute football guy. I would say my football acumen is a 7 out 10. However, there are some things I just don’t get. One of them happens to be what makes the OL work. What makes pass protection work? Is it the actual linemen? Is it the scheme? […]


Another Q&A about Brandon Spikes by @foxboroblog

As usual, I overcompensated on the Q&As and reached out to too many Pats writers to get the deal on Brandon Spikes. However, screw it. We can run another one and Here's Derek from Foxboro Blog to dish more dirt on Spikes.  1) Can you tell me a little about Brandon Spikes time in NE? […]