In my ongoing battle with the urge to slice my wrists over the thought of another 7-9 season, I’ve decided to try and blog about something that makes me happy about our boys in red, white and blue. In these rage-fueled times, it seems like it would be a good idea if I try to […]


Sammy Watkins: From hero to zero for some in just a couple weeks by @BLeez17

What a difference a month makes. After the Vikings game last month I penned a piece about how Sammy Watkins was “the hero the Bills’ offense needed”. Now there are some out there wondering if the juice was worth the squeeze. Watkins and the Bills looked to be clicking in late October, with the rookie […]

With the snow comes cheap Bills ticket prices for Sunday

The Buffalo Bills blew a chance to get closer to the top of the AFC East in Week 11, but all is not yet quite lost as Kyle Orton and company try to sneak into the playoffs. The Bills still could have an outside chance at snagging one of the two wildcard spots, but may […]

Russ brandon

Why I blame Russ Brandon for all of this

Readers, I gotta tell you something. I’m really burned out on blogging about the Bills. I don’t know whether to shit or go blind. On one hand, I have a lot of strong feelings about the Bills right now, everything ranging from disappointment to apathy to outrage. I’m experiencing all of those even as I […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – All I Want For Christmas Is A QB

Here we are in mid-November and the Buffalo Bills are once again seemingly out of the playoff hunt. Similar to 2008, early season promise gave way to soul crushing reality. As in years past there are many issues that plague this team, but none more likely to be analyzed than that of the QB… There […]


.@SabresStats: Weekly Roundup for November 10th-16th

Week of:  November 10-16 Games: 3 Record: 1-2-0 (2 pts) Goals For:  10 Goals Against:  14 Powerplay Efficiency:  28.6%  (2/7) Penalty Kill Efficiency:  68.8%  (11/16) Shot Differential:  -10  (92-102) Corsi Differential:  -75  (128-203) Hit Differential:  +44  (91-47) Faceoff Win %:  41.4%  (82/198) Total Time Leading/Trailing/Tied:  49:24/93:41/36:55 Leading Goal Scorer(s):  Girgensons (3) Leading Point Scorer(s):  Moulson […]


My recap: Bills lose to Dolphins, 22-9

Groundhog Day. Nothing like hitting the midway point of November and knowing the Bills are pretty much dead for the playoffs. I’m so numb to all of this. It becomes just a shrug at this point where you look at each other and go #becauseitsbuffalo


Could mediocrity be rewarded for the Bills after this season?

The Buffalo Bills will not make the playoffs. I know. I’ve been wrong before and while tap dancing on their playoff grave on November 11th is probably premature, I have a gut feeling this is where we will be come late December. With a conference record of 2-4 and losses against the teams we are […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – An All Too Familiar Feeling

Before Sunday I was confident the Texans game was the one we’d look back on and say, “DAMN. That’s the one we let get away,” but that accolade now belongs to this weekend’s game. This is the one that is going hurt the most. I know every loss has it’s own unique sting, but there […]

Kyle Orton

My recap: Bills lose to the Chiefs, 17-13

Fuck!!!!! Yes, I’ll start this piece off with a swear word because this crap seems to happen yearly for the Bills. Just a game that they should have won, only to then have a perfect storm of suckatude take it away. It is seriously a time honored tradition. The Bills should have won this game […]