EJ Manuel

Fake takes from a fake game: Bills/Steelers

Warning: This is a preseason game recap. Everything you just witnessed is complete BS. It means nothing. Nada. Zip. If you don’t understand that, please read this and come back to my quick recap which is just as fake. 


Wanted Dead or Alive: The 10 most hated people in Buffalo sports

One of the things that makes sports unique is that you don’t simply try to accomplish something, you defeat somebody else. Few aspects of life encourage the sort of open animosity and even hatred that you find everywhere in sports. Does that make us bad people for loving it? Probably, but I’m not here to […]


Is Eric Wood as great of a talker as he is a player?

As most of you guys know, I’m a huge wrestling fan. One of the best wrestlers in history happens to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Why did people like him? Because he was able to say what was on his mind -specifically to his boss (Vince McMahon)- without the element of consequence. Its your classic […]


The @2ITB_Buffalo Plan for a Bills stadium

The Bills sale is going to close before we know it and the focus will shift from who will be purchasing the team to what that new owner plans to do for a new stadium. More than a few opinions are floating around currently and this week’s Artvoice cover story goes into great detail about a very cool plan […]


Which Bills player will try and guide us to hope this time around?

As I’ve maintained since the beginning of time, I’m pretty numb to preseason and training camp hype. Its the endless amount of angles that seem to run yearly during August and are normally nothing but failed promises. It just becomes New Years Eve where everyone tries to ignore how the previous year was the drizzling […]

Jim Leonhard, Manny Lawson

Are these Bills players one-hit wonders or will they continue to evolve?

Ricky Martin’s-Livin La Vida Loca…Rick Springfield- Jessie’s Girl… Vanilla Ice- Ice, Ice, Baby…. Dexy’s Midnight Runners- Come on Eileen. All one-hit wonders who got their 15 minutes of fame, only to then vanish and reappear onto a VH1 Sureal Life reality show 20 years later. You can only hope these folks saved their money.


My 2014 Bills Preview: Running back edition

When it comes to the personality of a football team, I have to say the dynamic between Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller is my favorites. While the guys’ personalities are relatively similar – humble and respectful – their running styles are just as different as the stories of how they got here.


Dear Local Media: Stop Inventing Things to be Mad About by @mmigliore

Hey, let’s all talk about something that absolutely does not matter, okay? I hate to bring this topic up again, because I think it’s an absolute waste of time, but I could not be more annoyed by the way our local media has reacted to some short answers in recent media scrums by Doug Marrone. […]

Top Fantasy Sleeper For Each AFC East Team

There are a lot of fantasy football owners preparing for the upcoming NFL season at this point in the year. That means finding fantasy football sleepers and putting together a draft strategy. Their figures to be quite a bit of talent in the AFC East, but what about potential breakout stars? Here’s a look at […]


An open to letter to Bon Jovi: Why we don’t want your bid

Dear Mr. Bongiovi, Excuse me if I think your letter is a load of crap. If millions upon millions of dollars were at stake and I had to spin the biggest web of lies to try and gain the trust of a fanbase before ripping their team away from them, I’d probably do it too. […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Buffalo To Canton… One Last Time

The Buffalo Bills were once a good football team, as evident by several members of the organization making it into the Hall of Fame in recent years, concluding with Andre Reed’s entrance this past weekend. To quickly recap… Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, the late Ralph Wilson Jr. & now Andre Reed […]