Kyle Orton

A Statistical breakdown of Kyle Orton’s time in Chicago

Kyle Orton is going to be the most scrutinized and probably most Google athlete in Buffalo this week. Whether you like it or you don’t like it, learn to love it cause this is where the Bills are going. So today, I’m going to take a look at what Orton did in Chicago and then […]


Coping with changing the QB Course by @SeanCorleone

Doug Marrone sent a bit of a shockwave through the NFL on Monday with the announcement that he has decided to bench EJ Manuel in favor of Kyle Orton. During his presser, Marrone informed us he made this decision on his own, and in his mind this was the move that was necessary for the […]


The Sabres Tank Reloaded by @LukeWachob

You could say it’s a hard time to be a Buffalo sports fan. The Bills are gearing up for a sequel to the Kelly Holcomb/J.P. Losman QB controversy and the Sabres are coming off a historically poor season. Both have been rebuilding for years, but while we’re desperate to win, it still feels far away.


Hot takes on Kyle Orton being your 14th starting QB since 1997

Well, this hit me like a bag of rocks. I was in a meeting, minding my own business, looked at Twitter after and boom! Jaw hit the ground. I’m shocked and my mind is racing 120 MPH. When that happens, I just have to spit out incoherent hot takes without using my thesaurus to enhance […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Time To Pull The Plug On EJ?

I’ll just start off by saying this one hurt… a lot. This is a team that many (at least locally) proclaimed were ready to make a serious push at the playoffs. They were going to fight to the bitter end with a top-tier defense that was now supported by more offensive weapons. This was finally […]


Recap: Bills lose to the Texans, 23-17

Well, that went splendidly.  Seriously, that just felt like every other Bills game over the last 14 years. Just inept playing-calling, crappy QB play, drop passes, terrible offensive line play and that was just in the first half! Already my Twitter feed is filled with people who want Kyle Orton and want to launch EJ […]


What We Need Here is a Little Brain Power by @mmigliore

One of the prevailing thoughts about the Bills and Sabres over the years has always been a perceived lack of talent. We always seem to be lacking a quarterback, a first-line center, a 40-goal scorer, a big receiving threat, a smooth, puck-moving defenseman or an absolute beast at middle linebacker.


The guide to liking a player even though he sucked

Judging from the photos above and title of this piece, you can probably already tell where this is going. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Bills are taking on their former starting QB on Sunday.


Beyond the stats with @nickelcitybills: Analyzing Stephon Gilmore

Stephon Gilmore has been a polarizing player dating back to last season. After missing Week 1 with a groin injury, the first round cornerback has been part of a three-man rotation with Corey Graham and Leodis McKelvin. Now that he’s returned to action, fears and rumblings that he may not be the shutdown corner we […]

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The Buffalo Wins mailbag by @manecci: 1.0

Joe’s note: So, I’ve decided to pull an audible on the mailbag. Pretty much no one wants to give me questions because I’m too intimidating or no one cares what my answers to life’s burning questions are. So, instead of begging, I’m going to give the mailbag to Michael Necci. Hopefully, he’ll give out some […]


Lack of locker room etiquette or standard reporting?

Man, I really try not to write too many things on the site or on my Twitter feed that bash mainstream media. Seriously, I wake up daily wanting to blog only about sports because my connection will always be with the Bills and Sabres. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger who was known as […]