Recap: Bills lose to the Chargers, 22-10

I’m not big on trying to act like this or that game is going to be a defining moment for any NFL team. Sorry, but I’ve lived through too many of those types of Bills games to know that just leads to a phony narrative. And the conclusion of that narrative is always the same: […]


The return of optimism for one Bills fan

If you’ve followed me on Twitter during the past few Bills seasons, you already know I don’t often have much nice things to say about the Bills. But can you really blame me? What good has there been in the last 14 years?


You Talk, We Listen

Follow Mike on Twitter You talk, we listen Local radio has become a place where we have turned to vent our frustrations and disgust over the last dozen plus years.


Recapping my journey to the home opener

I’m just going to say this upfront, don’t expect this to be some sort of magical ride of tears and happiness when it came to me going to the Bills opener. The Bills won while I lost my voice (Which is great!), but I couldn’t have planned out a worse plan of attack to handle […]


Second Take with @BradleyGelber – The toughness of CJ and Sammy

How about them Buffalo Bills?!? The Bills lived up to all the pre-game hype & found a way to dominate the Miami Dolphins this week. They looked in control from the very beginning and even after a slight letdown to start the second half, immediately snatched the momentum back with an electric 102-yard kick return […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion: BUFFALO WINS

Wow….So, two games into the season, the Bills are 2-0, in sole possession of first place (I know, I know, 2 weeks, shaddup!) and have wins via complete team efforts? Color me impressed. You’re probably thinking – ‘who the heck are you?’ To which you have a point, so let’s back up…. My name’s Rich […]


The Home Team

“Home is where you hang your heart.” You may have seen this quote at some point in time in your lives. Perhaps you saw it hanging in someone’s house, posted on Pinterest, or within a craft store, but regardless of where it was written, it’s a phrase that we all can relate to now more […]